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07-12-2013, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
or Russian or Ukrainian or pretty much all slavic (though UKR/RUS is usually -sky when converted to English from cyrillic, but obv. pronounced the same)
To a point.

The suffix simply means "of." It is very much like "van" in Dutch names. Wisniewski, for instance, means an individual from one of the various cities named Wisniew. Instead of place, the name could refer to an occupation or just a particularly memorable trait about an individual. This is not much different than in English where a name like Johnson means son of John, or Kent means someone from Kent County, or Smith refers to a Blacksmith.

Any name with "-sky" is not Polish, unless it has been changed at some point. A 'y' never follows a 'k' in the Polish language. Its a basic grammatical rule similar to "i before e except after c" in English. Even ignoring this, the 'y' would not produce the 'ee' ("-skee") sound.

All that said, nobody has mentioned Mikhail Grabovski yet. Grabowski is a very famous Polish surname, though I'm not implying he is necessarily related to any of the famous bearers of that name.

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