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07-12-2013, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
Brunet's simplistic, though. If we traded Andrighetto for Coburn tomorrow, he'd probably say it's a bad trade "'cause we give futures". He's overrating future assets and draft picks way too much. I mean, it's a bit ridiculous when you think about it.

My favorite journalist is JF Chaumont. Some inside, lots of information, not biased for a second, and actually keeps improving. Reports the news like they are without adding his grain of salt, but will often be one of the first to report them.

Another guy who keeps getting underrated is Yvon Pednault. For all his defaults, I'd take him back before Brunet or Denis in half a second. You learn absolutely nothing on the play with Denis.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Pednault doesn't bring anything to the table as far as hockey is concerned, all he does is tell pointless annecdotes and laugh his ass off with Pierre Houde. I listened to him this year on TVA Sports for the Bulldogs and he didn't know what he was talking about 95% of the time. Denis actually knows his stuff and is probably the best speaker in Québec for hockey related stuff with the media. Pednault also had the annoying tendency of throwing the goalie under the bus no matter what, which shows again how limited his hockey knowledge is when he prefered going the easy route and blaming the goalie rather than actually doing HIS JOB and analyzing the play and what caused the goal.

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