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07-12-2013, 01:43 PM
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Outsider of sorts who banwagoned you guys when you brought in the first Forsberg

It would cost a lot to get Kane, just to echo thought. As much of a hassle he has been off ice, the community still loves him because of how he plays the game. While the scoring consistency has yet to sink hold, the effort is there.

His size and speed are amazing and he creates a lot of chances. He's yet to have a centerman he's meshed with. When that happens...look out.

Now, this is not to bash NSH, but I don't think Kane would be happy to come here. He, right now, would want to go to a big hockey market. He is a business oriented guy off the ice to make more money off his image.

That said, once he got to NSH, become loved by the fans instantly and found he could run the town (a very fun town at that!) he'd come around.

I think it would be cool to see Kane in NSH. I love him in WPG too though. I just think WPG could let him go easy if the package was right. The thing is, it has to look like a win for them on paper or their fans will go nuts, and it's still risky since Kane has the chance to turn into a monster. You never want to always have your name associated as the GM who traded XYZ!!!

not to mention his toughness. always nice to have a legit PF

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