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07-12-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
You mad bro?

Only thing I said is that we needed to bring in a sniper this offseason, and it didnt happen and I don't think it will. Drafting jones was our only option at four after the big three snipers were gone, that's not poile's fault.

Maybe free agents wouldn't sign here, because they don't want to be the only guy that is capable of putting up 70-80 points, they don't want their own stock to drop for when they are ufa again.

Stalberg is not a sniper, neither is 37 year old Cullen. Nystrom and Hendricks are bottom like grinders making big bucks, so I said I haven't been overly impressed with offseason moves.

Why would trotz and poile say they were going to replace erat, then not do it. They know how badly our scoring was even with erat.

I never once said poile sucks, I like poile and trotz. I just wish he could make a trade to bring us a true top line giu we have lacked for quite some time now. That's all.
A guy we can put on the ice if we are down a goal with couple minutes left. A guy with more offensive flair that we can rely on more than a 45 point hornqvist or a 45 point fisher. Our offense is weak, and any pred fan can admit it, hell, the whole NHL says it.

So please don't put words in my mouth. I never said poile sucks, I just said he needs to make a move, and he does. Our offensive is worse than it was last year currently.
I'm going to disagree with the offense being worse than last years. We should be able to maintain possession far better this year. We also have more speed.

Like it or not, this is a Trotz team from top to bottom now. Notice all the centers are basically the same type player on the first 3 lines? Notice there's a big body player and a speed winger for each of the top 3 lines? Notice the character throughout the line-up?

Will it work? I have no idea. I think it could. I also think there's a black cloud over us though, and just keep waiting for the rain......

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