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07-12-2013, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
If you want Wilson to become a top six player, and not just a banger, it makes sense to give him plenty of offensvie opportunities and powerplay time. If he's in Washington, he's not going to get that. It's not just about the minutes, it's about the types of minutes he gets.

And I think he has plenty to prove still in the OHL. Vince Trocheck, albeit a year older, put up more points in the 28 games he played in Plymouth than Wilson put up in the 48 games he played. Wilson's numbers were good, but he was playing on a deep, talented team and he still has plenty of room to improve on his season from last year.

I wouldn't mind giving him a brief audition in the NHL at the beginning of the season (<9 games, as to not burn a year off his ELC), but he should spend the rest of the season in the OHL. Right now, he's not much more than a hitter in the NHL. I have higher hopes for Wilson than him just being a 4th line banger.
Did he get offensive opportunities and powerplay time this past season? If so, will he gain much from doing it again but with a bigger size advantage over the competition?

I know pretty much nothing about hockey development, so I'm looking at this from another angle. Let's take calculus. You take one year of calculus and you get good at it. The next year, you take calculus again, but you are given simpler problems. Did you gain much from taking another year?

That might very well be a horrible analogy. I don't know. I also realize there are other considerations, like sliding the contract. I'm just questioning the added value of another year of junior. I don't know if there is some historical evidence that shows players spending an extra year in junior hockey leading to a higher likelihood to be a top 6 players vs. what sounds like an automatic locking of a player's ceiling as grinder if he doesn't.

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