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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its not an opinion that one player is nearly twice as prolific as the other. Its not an opinion that one player established themselves as a true ringer of an NHL player on a very good NHL team as a rookie. While the other couldn't grab a spot or stay in the lineup on the worst team in the NHL. Think about that and let it sink in.

This is one of your strangest points. You know I like your posting, but this is twisting. One player scored 86 goals in the top league in the world. The other was playing in far lesser rungs of hockey and having trouble scoring much at all. Of course being that I'm going back as far as i can with Paajarvi theres also many more seasons in that mix. I suspect more games played as well. That you think I'm specious raising that Perron has as many NHL goals as Paajarvi has scored anywhere in his career is odd. If anything this head and shoulders demonstrates how much more Perron can produce in the premium league in the world. i thought it was a sobering point, and probably a few people agree. Nobody else questioned my point.

Paajarvi would score 86 NHL goals if he played another 5 NHL seasons. He has 26 now.
First paragraph, ok. No objection.

Second. You are considering 6 seasons for both, correct (19-25 y.o. Perron, 15-21 y.o. Paajarvi)?

(( last minute addition (I already wrote the rest), the point is that I never denied that Paajarvi has performed worse than Perron in scoring goals in the NHL, that should be clear from my previous post ))

First of all, the notion that Paajarvi was not a goal scorer in Sweden is a myth. I have said this more times than I can count but it just keeps coming back. I challenge you, or anyone else, to find a player who has scored more goals in the SHL between 16 and 18 years old who is not named Sedin over the last 15 years (you don't really have to bother, I have already looked, no one).

Second, you are comparing 6 professional seasons of Paajarvi starting at 15(!) with 6 professional seasons of Perron starting at 19. Is that fair? I don't really care what others say but I will say it is not.

Let's compare Paajarvi to Perron between 15 and 21.
Paajarvi: 20G SHL, 11G AHL, 26G NHL, (3 SHL seasons, about 2 NHL seasons, about 1 AHL season)
Perron: 28G NHL (2 seasons NHL)

I know that this comparison is not fair due to several factors but at the same time you can not deny that it is not fair putting Paajarvi's number over the last 6 seasons up against Perron's.

Maybe I am missing something in translation here but I can not see how this comparison makes any sense.

Again, I am not saying Perron is not a better player today, or that he is not a better fit for our team.

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