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Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
That's interesting. You slag others for their comments on his actual play. The stats support their views. Maggie isn't a good PKer or even specially adept at drawing penalties. His speed through the neutral zone doesn't develop into anything in the offensive zone. He hasn't played against strong competition yet. I guess it's good to have hope, though.
People who doesnt think Maggie had a great season and developed fine isnt looking at the games or cant change their minds and admit they were wrong on him.

Prv has the body and size to turn into a powerforward and a great 3 -liner with 2 line upside and that what our team need. Prv can easily find his confidence playing a more offensive role with better teammates(i dont mean last season) and a defensive responsible C.

Perron is quite good what i have seen of him(not much) has good playmaking skills and could probably be a boost in another team.
He arent a powerforward, that we need when we have a soft 2 C in the lineup.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
On the contrary you can go back to Paajarvi's rookie year TC reading me waxing on about this players attention to detail in camp and drills as he not only learns the routines and what is being asked of him he's explaining the drills to vets like Andrew Cogliano. My first response to Magnus was color me impressed. Unfortunately ample exposure to the player continued to devaluate ones view of his potential. You'll remember I liked MPS. Omark not so
Maybe you liked prv after his first camp, but you throwed him under the bus early in last season and said that he hasnt the skill to be a nhl player and would be back in europe before season was over.

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