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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
That one sucks up too much bandwidth..

ps Hilarious that 20 secs of the video is 5 different replays of a routine hard dump in that is obviously meant to bounce from the backboards and Dubs gets sucked into chasing it behind the net and then having to dive back into the net desperately. This is otherwise known as a routine situation for any goalie properly recognizing what to do in that instance. For anybody to put this specific play on a hilite reel and then feature it is obviously not noting the screw up in judgement that preceeds the save.

I would say ironic in a way because one has to love Dubnyk bloopers to love Dubnyk.

Just seen your lovely post now.

First off, get over yourself. To question my judgement on a save that is definitely worthy of being considered a hightlight is laughable (tsn, sportsnet, etc all seemed to agree that it was indeed a highlight as well at the time). Especially in a DEVAN DUBNYK HIGHLIGHT VID. Highlight videos don't discard certain plays because of what lead up to that highlight occuring.
Secondly, it was shown 3 times in the video, not 5. My 3 year old nephew can recognize the difference between 3 and 5. With your superior intellect, this should've been easy to notice.
Thirdly, why did you even push play? Your hate for Dubey is enjoyable to read.

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