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07-12-2013, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Asher View Post
Well, I certainly hope you're right, but I read the tea leaves quite differently. Smyth is coming back, as is Gagner. After Gordon was signed MacT was asked if he needed another center, and he said he was comfortable with what they had now. Jones was re-signed. Joensuu, from what I gather, was brought in to play for the big team, not OKC. Brown will be back. Eager is going to get another chance. They have 9 Dmen signed when you include Larsen, Potter, and Klefbom. I think 7 will stay, with 2 of the 3 I just listed going down to OKC.

As for the comment about being open for business, listen to the audio of it. Stauffer asks MacT if he's done for the summer or if there's more trades coming and, after a bit of an awkward pause, MacT finally says he's open 24/7 to do anything that will improve the team. That doesn't sound like someone who's actively perusing deals to me. It sounds like someone who is basically done but obviously would never close the door if someone came calling. MacT said he wanted to move Hemsky and I don't doubt that continue on that front, but otherwise I think he's done making roster moves. And if nothing good comes from the Hemsky offers, I wouldn't be surprised to see him back next year either.

That's just my take on things. Obviously, there can be more than one interpretation here.
Speculation on my part, but it seemed to me like he still had some lines in the water, that talks had died down perhaps with other GMs like he'd been engaged with earlier, when he was initiating a lot more of the trade talks, and that now he was no longer in a crisis mode with his roster. I felt that he was now sitting back a bit more and waiting for other GMs to come to him, as he's dealing more from a position of strength now than he was earlier this summer (around the time of the draft, where he had significant roster holes to fill). He's successfully filled a lot of his roster holes with UFAs and without moving a lot of players (only Paajarvi and Horcoff). He is in a position now where he has some assets that other teams want, and he can afford to move some of those assets for a. additional roster upgrades.

Being in a far less pressured situation to make a lot of deals is a good thing in any kind of negotiation. I just don't think that MacT's completely satisfied with what he's accomplished on the roster this summer, although he's significantly closer to where he wanted to be.

As long as he's fielding calls from other GMs who are looking to make moves, there's a good chance that a trade fit will come and a deal can happen. Signing Ference made a trade for Brayden Coburn less of a necessity, but I'm sure that a deal for Coburn is still a possibility if Homer wants to dance some more. I also think, as you also mentioned, MacT has a surplus of defenseman and if we've learned anything about MacT from his coaching days, it's that he is a tinkerer, and he won't be easily satisfied. MacT also hasn't fulfilled his increase of size and toughness mandate yet. After Hemsky is dealt, he'll have some cap space to move on other players as well. I just can't see that he's finished, but he is being patient, yes.

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