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07-12-2013, 03:13 PM
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It is a pretty horrible analogy, but not a bad stab.

Experience makes you better at things. And it takes a lot of experience to make it to an elite level. The kid looked like he belonged to me in the game he played in the playoffs. The puck seemed to follow him around a bit when he was on the ice.

But, he probably needs to improve his skating. He probably would benefit from simply playing more high intensity games. He probably needs to learn more off ice things like diet, strength/endurance training, etc. He probably needs to learn a lot of other things as well. I loved the clip where he and Oates were talking about stick angle. It's just a small example. The kid is likely to have been using the same basic stick for years. Now oates wants him to try a slightly different lie angle and size. It takes time to adjust to those changes (even if it's relatively short...that's just one small change of what I'm sure are many others).

So, really, the experience of playing, being focused, working on those things he needs to are what he can do if he goes back to juniors. The one thing you have to be wary of is that he gets bored against that competition and then doesn't work as hard as he has in the past. It's a risk, but hopefully one the management has time (and skill) to evaluate that before making a decision.

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