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Originally Posted by galvo View Post
I'm not blaming or hating on the actual athletes, musicians, actors or artists. I know how it works, and unfortunately, I hate how it works. "It is what it is" is the biggest steaming pile of *******.

Right, and like I said, I hate hate hate the amount of money in entertainment. I used to write music and play in bands and I would be more than happy if people just liked my music. I didn't and do not care for money. I'm not saying that most performers don't agree with me, I understand that their are higher powers banking on most of the loot. I hate those people, not the actors, musicians and athletes.

I just hate money. Worst invention in the history of mankind. Let's go back to a barter system please. The world we live in is rather ****ed. Just look how celebrated alcohol is, and how we're raised separating "drugs and alcohol," when alcohol is one of, if not the worst drugs available. Miller, Busch and Coors all have freaking stadiums. Are we going to have Northern Lights Stadium when weed is legalized, taxed and distributed? Maybe Black Tar Field?

Jay Z's net worth is 500 million dollars. Student loan rates just doubled. What a ****ing joke.


Oh and for the record, players make about 5.7-6.5m per 10m they make before taxes. Let him go to Russia. I've been there. It's a **** city. I'd rather live in Newark

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