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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Yes I got your point the first ten times you made it. It's not 100% sure that they are related.

I'll concede your point. But all you're doing here is hide your head in the sand. 1) I'm not sure why you're doing it. Is it because you're a huge fan of fighting in hockey ? Or just because you decided to be 100% anal about something someone said on a hockey message board. It's not yet clear to me, but I suspect the latter.

2) But the person whom I quoted initially excused it by saying they were just clinically depressed. Only thing I wanted to say is that being clinically depressed can be a symptom of brain damage from concussions. It's a common one too. So the initial person I quoted said something pretty ludicrous. 3) You can decide to be anal about my choice of words or get the bigger picture here. I did not realize I had to abide by the rules of the scientific method while posting on a message board, pardon me Mr. Bachelor's degree in psychology.
1) If you go back a few posts, you'll see I'm in favor of a reduction in fighting and doing anything possible to make them safer and not in favor of leaving fighting quite as it is right now. So if those are my only two choices I'll go with the latter but I would rather see it as looking at the facts. There is enough b******* in the world that, to me, having all the facts about something brought up is fairly important.

2) In a way SouthernHab is right, Belak and Rypien committed suicide because they were "clinically depressed". However they both had a history of depression and little doubt that fighting also played a part in the continuation of their depression. That being said, the actual act of suicide which they chose was their decision which undoubtedly had many variables involved. You cannot claim being an enforcer was even the leading cause in their death due to their medical history.

You are absolutely correct that depression is a symptom of concussion related brain damage but in both suicide cases they already had depression before their career so at best it perpetuated the cycle but was not the cause of the depression.

3) As far as the bigger picture is concerned, as long as you let emotion into the research process, the picture will remain as only one side of the argument. As for the scientific method statement, you claim to have done your own research but if it is done in a bias (emotional) way, there is no point in doing it as the results will be useless. You will only ever see one side of the picture.

As far as the anal comment goes, this started as a debate after someone claimed that CTE was solely responsible for the deaths of Boogaard, Rypien, Probert, and Belak because they were all enforcers. It was debated and we came to opposing opinions on the matter but at least can see each others points.

You do realize that our points are not that far apart, right? I'm just unwilling to limit myself to seeing only one side of the argument even if I do fall on that side but I'm also willing to be the Devil's Advocate and show that both sides have their merit and that neither side is absolutely correct.

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