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01-10-2004, 04:11 AM
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Originally Posted by DanKordicsFist
SWEEEEEET!!!! Congrats!

About Boucher failing on his chances, I remember that second half of the story a bit different. He played as well as Cechmanek, sometimes better. After Cechmanek went down there was no reason to make him the number one. Boucher played very well and I think the players liked him because of how he played during the playoff run. He played his heart out. Cechmanek proved to be streaky and came back shaky. Barber allowed him to "work it out" and he fell apart in the playoffs, not unlike last year. Boucher may not have proved he was an elite goaltender, but he was better going in to the playoffs than Cechmanek and deserved the starts.
Huh? Again, I think people should really go look at the actual game logs and see for themselves.

Boucher had won all of 3 of his last 13 starts before Barber rode Cechmanek into the play-offs. He started every game in March. Boucher was given more than enough time to 'work it out' and simply stunk. Had Boucher not played so poorly, we could have won the division. The only thing he was more consistent than Cechmanek at was stringing together winless streaks.

Cechmanek did come back shakey, but even a shakey Cechmanek was better than the egg Boucher had laid for the previous month+. Cechmanek was the clear choice to start heading into the post-season. Boucher was ice cold and hadn't looked good since January.

As for the post-season, come on... Cechmanek was solid against Ottawa that year. In the 4 games he played, the Flyers scored only one goal for Cechmanek, and Cechmanek made that stand up a 1-0 OT win. Our only win of the series.

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