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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
See, we somewhat agree here. Kreider standing still is ****ing ********. Like actually ****ing ********. It bothered me so damn much watching the 2011 WJCs and seeing Kreider just parked in front of the net.

I actually would prefer to see him as a fast, big sniper who occasionally throws a hit. A guy who can cycle when he needs to. I really don't see his game being powerforward-esque and I don't really think he is geared towards that. Some coaches have tried to make him into that type of player, but all it has done is confused his game.

This same garbage happened at times at BC. Coaches see a big kid and instantly want to park him in front of the net when he should be wheeling and dealing. In the 2012 playoffs Torts let him skate free and it worked out very well. I think they really tried to BC him down in Hartford and went back to the **** that didn't work well. When he was free'd up and allowed to wheel and deal he looked great.

I really hope that AV allows the kid to play the way he played successfully in the past. Free wheeling and shooting. Throw the occasional hit but don't go out of your way to play a powerforward game that you aren't comfortable with.
Putting him infront of the net is not ********, it's a way to get him on the ice. If not infront of the net on the PP, where are you going to put him? You see Kreider playing the point against some of the best of his peers in the world?

Kreider will become at least a very solid player (homegrown, fast, strong 20+20 winger) and can even become a very good player (the above but say 30+25): but it will be because of his tremendous strength (including shot) and wheels. He is very one-dimensional with the puck. Putting him in a playmaking role is like putting Pyatt in a playmaking role. Kreider is in no way a PP sniper; he does not have an elite one-timer in any sense. The EA Sports generation has a problem figuring him out. I recon many believe I am trashing him when I say he might "only" score 30+25. That would be pretty freakin amazing and have like been topped by what 2-3 players drafted by this org since the Amonte generation...

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