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Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
@LaGu - I think what Replacement is saying is that often young players on their way to the NHL light up their junior leagues.

Obviously that might not happen in Sweden as much as it does in Canada, but Replacement is saying "Look PRV didn't score 20 goals in any of the junior leagues where the competition should have been less fierce and his talents more obvious".

The thinking here is that the gap between the star players and regular players narrows as you advance in each league.

So he is saying, look, Perron has scored 20 goals in the NHL, which should be the toughest league in the world. PRV couldn't do that playing against inferior players at 15 years old.
I know, and it's fine. It's just that Paajarvi left the junior leagues when he was 15 years old. That is the difference and that is why the comparison is fair imo.

Oh, and you will never see players in Swedish junior leagues put up numbers even remotely close to that of NA juniors.

What I am trying to debunk is the myth that Paajarvi was not considered a good prospect in terms of goal scoring, he was. That doesn't mean anything else than that though. I just don't like it when posters use this argument since it is not accurate (and in the end this it nothing personal, I know that Replacement knows better ...)

edit: Last phrase... Do you really think that a Paajarvi at 15, 16 or 17 should have produced as a Perron at 19, 20 and 21? Again, I ask you to please review the numbers here, more than 12 goals as an under 20 year player in SHL has almost never happened (last time was D.Sedin in 98). That just how it is. On the other hand, how many under 20 players have scored more than 20 goals in the NHL while they were still under 20 in the last 15 years (Perron for example had 13G).

Bah, I'll leave this be since I know I am right .

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