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Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
@LaGu - I think what Replacement is saying is that often young players on their way to the NHL light up their junior leagues.

Obviously that might not happen in Sweden as much as it does in Canada, but Replacement is saying "Look PRV didn't score 20 goals in any of the junior leagues where the competition should have been less fierce and his talents more obvious".

The thinking here is that the gap between the star players and regular players narrows as you advance in each league.

So he is saying, look, Perron has scored 20 goals in the NHL, which should be the toughest league in the world. PRV couldn't do that playing against inferior players at 15 years old.
Thing is MPS didn't really play against guys his own age. When he was 15 he mainly played against 20 year olds, when he was 14 against 18 year olds. The few times he played against his own age he scored at a GPG pace. Him constantly playing against older players probably was bad for his natural scoring touch but the reason he got to play with the old boys was in mainly because of him scoring at a great pace against his peers.

Clearly Perron has proved to be the better scorer at the NHL level so juniors doesn't really matter but when Magnus broke out in Sweden he was seen as an offense first guy with so so defense so to claim he didn't have offense as a junior is just not true.

Magnus main problem offensively imo is confidence, he used to be creative with the puck and almost try to be a bit too fancy at times before, now he tend to play overly simple. And also his lack of natural finish, which probably can be blamed in part on him constantly moving upwards agewise, he would probably have benefitted from staying one more year in Sweden to become close to a PPG player in the SEL. He also really needs to work on his shot. I still think he can find that offensive touch, he'll most likely never be a big producer but a good/great two way fwd who puts up solid numbers is worth a lot imo.

But hey, water under the bridge, we have the better player right now in Perron. My concern with him is how well another puck hog fits the team. Too many guys in our top 6 wants the puck on their stick as it is. Hopefully he can adapt.

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