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07-12-2013, 06:40 PM
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Here a few good ones.

My favorite post of all time. Just an epic prediction by Bring Back GLR.

All snuggled up in your Canuck blanket when you wrote this. Now let me ask you- do you honestly think that the Canucks will win a Stanley Cup over the next few years and either Sedin will win a Conn Smythe trophy. Answer me that. Cuz I believe that the Hawks will win a Stanley Cup this year, and Toews will be a Conn Smythe winner. I am that assure of the Hawks.
The ridiculous Jonathan Toews hype

Thread discussing Toews magical goal against Colorado

Thread discussing who should Blackhawks pick in 2007

Reaction of hfboards to Hawks winning the 2007 draft lottery

Pessimistic BWC

Duncan Keith chihuahua on skates

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