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07-12-2013, 07:09 PM
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I don't know if there is a full video of this moment but I remember a Blue Jacket and Oilers game from this year and I think it was on home ice for the Oilers. Bobrovsky may have just started his steller run or this may of been the start of it.
Both teams made it to the shootout and before it started, the camera captured both goaltenders right before they went into the net.

I remember distinctly when the camera shown Bobrovsky, he was off on his own little corner, pumping himself up, completely focused on the task at hand, just looking at him I could see he will not let a puck through, he had a silent determination of winning the game. You can just feel it from him.

Then the camera cuts over to Dubnyk, where he nonchalantly was leaning on the boards talking casually with a teammate, honestly looking like he doesn't really give crap about the shootout. He got the team a point, guess his work is done.

I knew that instant that we would lose that game.

And we did...

Bobrovsky showed me what a winning goaltender looks like and was not surprised he won the Vezina.
If Dubnyk even had half of Bobrovsky fighting spirit I probably would have more confidence in him. But he doesn't.
Dubnyk is just going through the motions. Thats the impression I get with him. I hope to hell Lababera steals the starting job from him. From his interviews, he at least seems genuine in actually wanting to play here.

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