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Originally Posted by icing View Post

You still don't get it.

New Jersey devils has how many Swedish fans? How many fans will now leave the Devils and choose another one?

The team that signs Kovalchuk will get just as many Swedish fans as the New Jerseys Devils did when signing him (actually they wont, they will not get any swedish fans at all). How many Swedish fans actually left their team to let Colorado be number 1 when Forsberg played there? Any MODO fans raising hands? No? Any Karlskoga fans raising hands? No!? Many jumped on the band wagon favoring Colorado in the NHL in those day. But that's totally different. No Swedish team felt a drop off in their support because of a NHL team.

And of course. In Olofstrom (3rd tier swedish team) the kids now will wake up to the likes of Moskow, St Petersburg and Prag. Yeah right! A little to far to home games i would guess...

I can image the excitement when KHL officials realize the potential of the fan bases in small Swedish hillbilly towns (no offence Olofstrom).

I have a team, a team i will stick with until I die (sorry Jokerit). My interest lies with them and the league they play in. It doesnt bother me a bit that Crosby doesnt play in that league. And it will not bother the youngest fans either since teams closest to them, teams they can relate to (for example GO AND SEE GAMES), will be the teams that wins their hearts.

Have fun cheering for Jokerit (no offense to Jokerit either). Season tickets? Full TV coverage package?

Of course they are. Why would they not be excited? You don't see the difference between Croatian hockey and Swedish? Culture differences? Historic differences? No? Nothing?

And last but not least. I'm not dissing the KHL. I'm just dissing your view on things. Today is a great day reading the butt hurt comments from NHL fans when one player does what hundreds of europeans have done when bolting to the NHL.
Why do you always start your replies to me with that laughing smiley? Not a very usual, nor sympathetic behaviour in my mind.

Look man, it aint about Kovalchuk playing for a swedish team. It's about trying to win a league where Kovalchuk is one of the main stars in it. Not Jonathan Ericsson or some other "all-time great".
I will however refrain from making further claims about how i envision that the european hockey scene will develop in the upcoming years, becouse i find that we could just go on and on forever doing that. But there is no doubt about where the money and the vision is, that is not a close race.
I will however closely follow Jokerit on their daring, trailblazing journey into their big new adventure becouse i feel that not the least the KHL will also do that and if it works like they obviously hope, then that would perhaps be a very good omen for further expansion west. Becouse at the end of the day it's not really important what you and me choose to cheer for or not, it's about how development actually happens. You say that it will probably happen that way, i say another way. I can live with that.

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