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07-12-2013, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
Taking into account Duchene's last contract he's actually making less money after their ETC.

Tavares makes 5.5 over 6 years
Duchene made 3.5 for 2 years than 6M for the next 4 years(if the rumor is true)= 5.17 average.

I still think Tavares is overrated. He's a good PPG player, but I'll never understand why some people put him in the top 5 best players in the league category.
If you think Tavares is overrated then I would have to believe that you actually have never watched him play. JT could've and should've signed a contract where he would be getting more money per year. He was offered a long term deal and he took it. He believed the Islanders were dedicated to him and he wanted to stay long term. He has a no movement clause as well..... If Duchene gets a contract for 6M over 6 years it will be a great deal for him and the Avs. In 5/6 years he would probably be making less then his actual value based other players contracts and a rising cap....IMO.... Islander fans believe JT is underpaid for what he brings to the ice every night. Hopefully Duchene signs a 6 year deal and stays in Colorado for a very long time...I'm an Islanders fan and I hate the comparison between these 2 players. I would've been fine with Duchene but I preferred JT... I'm wondering if Tampa should've grabbed Duchene at #2

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