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07-12-2013, 09:46 PM
Grant McCagg
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post

Funny that you say he has poor hands. Many of the comments from coaches have included praise for his hands. Id agree he is a project, but he certainly not as far behind as you say. Time will tell I suppose. Looking forward to McCarron watch!
Not just coaches, but Mark Hunter raved about how well he skates and handles the puck for a kid his size. I like his skill level and think he covers a lot of ground out there, Trevor Timmins has told me his hands are good, and that he skates well.

Is he the next Cam Neely? probably not, but with all due respect to Grind n Muck and his many negative posts...the scouts that matter disagree with him vehemently.

I have a close friend who is a crossover scout with an American team...we talk about prospects all of the time. He had some concerns with McCarron early on (hands not being one of them), but came around by season's end, especially after seeing him multiple times at the U-18's. He was adamant that Mac was a first round pick by draft day. He had no issues with his skill level.

Grind n' Muck...were you at the U-18's? I'm guessing you were not. I notice on your profile it says you want to be a scout - do you not respect the opinions of well regarded NHL scouts? Do you not consider that perhaps you have underrated this prospect, as they think differently than you do? Has it occurred to you that perhaps he improved as the season went on (his stats doubled in the second half), and that his noticeable improvement would raise his draft stock?

It's hard to evaluate a USNTDP prospect based on the "USHL" and college games they play only. Their performances in international tournaments against players their own age are very much considered, and McCarron performed quite well in all of those tournaments in 2013.

I can assure you that it will be difficult for you to become an NHL scout someday if you continue with a hardheaded approach where you consider your scouting abilities to be better than head scouts, OHL GM's that have won championships, and crossover scouts. I've been doing this for several years..and even today..if I have a distinctly different opinion on a player than a senior scout does...I re-evaluate my opinion and watch the player even closer to see if I might be wrong, especially if the player performs in tournaments at the end of the season that I don't see live.

Coming on here and repeatedly saying he has below average skills, doesn't skate well and give his hands 1/5 is not impressing anyone in the scouting world, as it is simply untrue.

I would suggest that you take a more broadminded approach to scouting. It's fine to have an opinion, but it's even finer to be open to changing that opinion.

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