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Originally Posted by Verdadero View Post
We have zero potential contracts that can be considered potential out-performs - well maybe Yak but that's a stretch given his dollars as a #1. Our top 6 is skilled and smaller and our bottom six is junk to be kind with the exception of Gordon who is overpaid. Feel free to be happy but we'll talk again in March when teams with size/skill through the lineup eat the Oilers for breakfast. Playing the Oilers is easy as you just hit them and take away their ice. Perron does nothing to change this and the bottom six is a disaster. People are going to feel really happy about Gordon when he goes a month without scoring playing with guys like Brown, Smyth, Jones etc etc

Oilers top 6 = skill with no size
Oiler bottom 6 = no skill

Not a recipe for success but hey it's blue sky, skittles and unicorns season so enjoy.
Pajaarvi was played regularly with Gagner and Yakupov, the trade has such a minuscule effect on the bottom six its not worth even mentioning, Pajaarvi would have played in the top six this year anyways since his only competition was Smyth. The bottom six talk is insanely irrelevant in terms of this trade, the trade was done to add a scoring left wing and that's what it accomplished, we did not get softer of lose depth in the bottom six because Pajaarvi wasn't a bottom six player or hard to play against.

The bottom line is our 3rd and 4th line still suck, but we're still better

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