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Originally Posted by Pressure View Post
Right, how can we value the big saves he made too? You can't. Not a fan of stats when looking at goalies, unless of course the goalie is absolutely carrying a team such as Bob was in CBJ last year.

One thing I know, and his biggest knock is the weak goals he lets in when we needed him most. Why else would fans be so soured on Dubnyk? It's not like we hate him because he's tall, but his inability to come up big when we needed him the most.

Explains why confidence in him is shaken from management, Mac T's comments and the fact that Khabby was playing more games than he should have until he got injured over the past few years.

Would you want him in a game 7 playoffs? he's just not mentally capable. This is his make or break year, and if not, we're chasing a number one next summer.
He stops 92% of the shots he faces. He lets 8% of all shots he faces by. Just because you perceive that they come at bad times doesn't make him a bad goalie. Find me the stat that says when the score is 3-2 Dubnyk turns into a ****** goalie. Better yet, define what you mean by "weak goals when we needed him most" and show us the numbers that support what your saying. Till then it's all just supposition.

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