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Originally Posted by Verdadero View Post
We have zero potential contracts that can be considered potential out-performs - well maybe Yak but that's a stretch given his dollars as a #1.
After five years of watching Katz cheap out, you can bet I'm not too concerned about whether or not he can get talent on a bargain. As long as we aren't bumping up against the cap, and its going to be rising, who cares? Besides, if the Oilers want some "value" deals, the best way to do that is to maybe make some decent draft picks besides your no-brainer first overalls.

Our top 6 is skilled and smaller and our bottom six is junk to be kind with the exception of Gordon who is overpaid.
You make a decent point but overstate the situation somewhat imo. I think its a bit of a stretch to call all the players who have a chance to draw into the bottom six this coming season "junk".

Feel free to be happy but we'll talk again in March when teams with size/skill through the lineup eat the Oilers for breakfast.
You mean teams with "junk" like Colin Fraser, Tom Sestito, Chris Higgins, David Jones and Tim Jackman in their bottom six? I'll ask again ... did you expect MacT to fill all his roster holes in three months? Decent bottom six guys can be picked up as needed during the course of the season.

Playing the Oilers is easy as you just hit them and take away their ice..
No argument on that. Up to coach Eakins to develop a gameplan that utilizes the strengths of the roster. Are you suggesting he will be unable to do that?

Perron does nothing to change this.
Perron scores more, hits more and plays a better all round game than MPS. He helps. I'm sorry that you don't want to recognize this.

and the bottom six is a disaster. People are going to feel really happy about Gordon when he goes a month without scoring playing with guys like Brown, Smyth, Jones etc etc.
Again with the "disaster" ..... Why not wait to see if maybe a guy like Jones can find some chemistry with Gordon? How many goals do you think MPS would get next year on the Oilers if he was relegated to bottom six duties? The answer is not many.

Not a recipe for success but hey it's blue sky, skittles and unicorns season so enjoy.
So sorry that you feel this way after two weeks on the board.

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