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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I would say that when theres a reaction of indignation like this its because you see my point, you'rre frustrated with it, and hoped nobody would notice it and bring it up.

Really if including that save multiple times is the best moments then maybe the project didn't have enough credible material for the compilation. It ends up being less than convincing for reasons I expressed.

As far as the bolded brief hilites don't often do hockey plays justice. This particularly in Canada is inexcusable. If they're going to show a hockey play show it in its entirety.
I often find that the replays don't do justice to the plays that actually occurred by limiting preceding lead up. For Canadian news broadcasters to do this so often with hockey is silly and especially given how much time they waste showing other sports and plays. How many times for instance have we seen long baseball hilites of coaches arguing with umps, 17 different plays in a baseball game etc.
To your credit your hilite was honest, included was some preceding frame of reference which you could've edited out. Thanks for not doing that.

Anyway I've laid out my rationale, you yours, we won't agree and thats OK.

I do wish you, and other young fans had seen better Oiler goalies in their prime so that you'd have more to compare and contrast with. For many of us vet Oiler fans Dubs ain't that much. Spoiled by that? Yeah, I guess so.
Becoming defensive is usually a case of being attacked. You made a comment that questioned my judgement that came across obnoxious and condescending. Then you go on to tell me that it's because I agree with you. Which again comes off as obnoxious.
I haven't once revealed my stance on Dubnyk's role as our starter. I simply made a video that featured him because fellow Oiler fans requested it.
If you had experience in making videos, the first thing you would recognize and note would be that the visual has to mesh and flow with the sound. I needed a slow mo shot at that particular part in the video, and prior to that I wanted to maintain the live commentary because it was a great reaction. It's sad I even have to defend why I chose to do what I did. I also could have made the video 10 minutes but chose a certain piece of music that only lasted a certain amount of time. It has nothing to do with lack of footage on Dubnyk's end.
Lastly, do you actually think that because younger Oiler fans haven't witnessed the glory day tenders that they are unable to recognize the difference between elite, average, and **** poor? I hope I misinterpreted that.

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