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07-12-2013, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
I'm not following you anymore. What this sentence has to do with "the KHL teams completely wilting nearly all other club hockey activity in Latvia, Kazakhstan and Belarus" after I already explained that Kazakh hockey league is in it's best shape ever. Even then, was Kazakhstan ever something more than yo-yo team? Were Latvian NT members playing in local league before KHL came around?

This statement from honorable Mr. Stubb is just based on nothing. And it's silly to think these three national teams are solely where they are just because the KHL exists. Shame that he didn't mention Ukraine as well...
His full statement/opinion was that it's "ruined" the hockey in those countries, national teams of course being the prime example.

My personal opinion is that Latvia and Belarus are suffering the effects of the old "Soviet- trained" growing old old or retiring and no new blood to replace them. Latvia seem toe be reaping the benefits on few individuals (like Girgensons) getting to play in the CHL though.

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