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Originally Posted by OilCountry84 View Post
Becoming defensive is usually a case of being attacked. You made a comment that questioned my judgement that came across obnoxious and condescending.
Becoming defensive is a response to thinking you were attacked. You took the worst possible interpretation of what I stated and choose to be offended.

Then you go on to tell me that it's because I agree with you. Which again comes off as obnoxious.
I'm saying for some reason the comment hit thus your heated reaction.

I haven't once revealed my stance on Dubnyk's role as our starter. I simply made a video that featured him because fellow Oiler fans requested it.
Fair enough. I hadn't realized when this board became a place where I was expected to clap like a seal in response to the latest hilite reel.

It's sad I even have to defend why I chose to do what I did.
You choose to be defensive. Another response could be "yeah, you know what, that was kind of weak, I could've used a better hilite to demonstrate Dubnyks great plays. Really I wouldn't have likely responded had I not found it odd you made that one bonehead Dubnyk play into the showcase.

I also could have made the video 10 minutes but chose a certain piece of music that only lasted a certain amount of time. It has nothing to do with lack of footage on Dubnyk's end.
Well, thanks for keeping it to two minutes anyway.

Lastly, do you actually think that because younger Oiler fans haven't witnessed the glory day tenders that they are unable to recognize the difference between elite, average, and **** poor? I hope I misinterpreted that.
Pretty sure I phrased that in terms of perspective. What great Oiler goalies are young fans comparing Dubnyk to?
People would feel differently, and I think teammates might as well, if they could have more confidence in the clubs goaltending.

When I see Dubs in your video wildly chasing an obvious backboards bounce shot that I've seen him do so often I'm tempted to be reminded why I have little faith in his ability to think the game.
My own thought would be a hilite reel of a player ought to attempt to instill a demonstration of the merit of that player. Guess not.

Probably not close to being your best work.

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