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Originally Posted by GrindNMuck View Post
Okay, Now you guys are throwing one thing i sort of messed up on. His hands. Big deal why aren't you guys commenting on my statements on his speed, skating ability, losing weight, Etc.? Well because i am right.

-And was i at the u18's? No. But did i attend and watch 30 games of him? Yes. I can care less about the U18's.

-You're obviously not good at what you are doing, because you are throwing one bad thing i said. And throwing it at me and trying to make me look bad. Why cant you say anything else about my other statements? because you know there right.

--Please tell me what statements were wrong besides hands. Please!!!!!! I know for a fact his Skating ability, Speed, Etc. Is not that good.
His hands are pretty impressive as he scored some beauty goal at the under 18. His weight is pretty good, as he is lean and has a very low fat % i think it was in the top-10 of the combine.

His skating abilities are one of his best asset, much like Tinordi at the same age and people like you came in to tell us that Tinordi was a bad skater, too bad it didn't work their way.

"I'm right" and "you know i'm right" doesn't make real arguments.

Grant has proven to be a very good scout here, he paid his dues and is respected by everyone on this board.

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