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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Quite possibly the single best 1 year any Oiler GM has had in team history. Sather accumulated a lot of talent over the span of 4-5 years, but what Lowe did that one year was amazing.

Still remember HF that year. "Let's trade Rita and Cross for something good." "Nah, no one wants our trash." "What about Salmelainen?" "No one will give up anything good for him."

Next day: "WTF?"
it was. The trades that year are rediculous. Tarnstrom was great in Pitts too. I never understood that. Samsonov for a pick (Lucic, yikes--but we didnt know that), and Reasoner. But we already knew we could grab Rem Murray for our 4th C and everyone and MacT totally trusted him and were excited for a playoff run with him (they knew his condition and chances that was his last season). a pick for Roloson.

We were a VERY deep team. Before the series started i still thought we needed Ulanov instead of Tarny/MAB. We needed to play that team physical. Meh. Really we got barely beat by Staios errors and slightly better centres. It was the first series i knew our depth was actually worse than our opponents. A 4th line of Williams Weight and Recchi. Not much else to say. So when i looked at that i thought we needed a physical, shot blocking, body smashing, straight line D man.
So close.
The Amazing thing about that run was the Roli injury cant even be used as an excuse because Jussi played out of his mind. Even in game 2 SCF Jussi was the only guy who showed up and could have been a blow out after 20. He was spectacular.

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