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Originally Posted by AlowlyOilersfan View Post
Yep, I did. I said they were both 2Cs.

I broke the universe.

Sorry I offended you.

I just think 50 points from a 2C is plenty and is worth 5 mil. Two or three years ago, it's a million or two less.

I am only comparing it because it's a recent signing of a 2C.

Crucify me if you want. I have no shame.
While i agree 5 M is about what a 50PT 2C will command --for his UFA years.--- I also think the Oilers are bringing up whether or not Gagner is a NHL C at all. YOu know...faceoffs, puck possession. Frankly he cant hack it for the other requirements of a C. So in my opinion he maxes at 5M for UFA premium years. He is likely arguing he is in the 60 pt range etc... but the Oilers counter with suck at your position and we will never be a playoff team losing the puck as much as we do when you are on the ice. 5M is fair.

Your last sentence made me laugh. Well played.

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