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07-13-2013, 05:51 AM
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After reading KHL=WHA thread I want to write somenthing about this.

WHA tried to rival NHL, to establish second league in NA, maybe to merge later. NHL won, money won.

KHL wants to change euro hockey, which is based on domestic leagues. Who wil win? I bet on money. The Q is, who has money?

As I see it, swedish hokey is based on developing players for NHL, sad swedish clubs sell/release their top players for penny. As I understand, main source of resources (money) are development fees from NHL, tv-contracts of SHL/Allsvenskan and maybe government money (?). Do you consider this model as sustainable? Do you think that Sweden will be top producer of talent forever? If not, what then??

Sweden does not want to join KHL, I respect it, no problem with it.

Imagine that Sweden is not main producer of talent and KHL establishes itself in Finland, Germany maybe Norway (Denmark).

1) Swedish clubs would earn less money from NHL, because no/less talent is there. Or some guys go to KHL instead (??)

2) Can SHL tv-deals grow? What if KHL is there, can SHL tv-deals grow?

Remember of Viasat - ok, not broadcasting now, but what if.

3) Can government fund the development system if "NHL money" and "tv-deals" are not there in today´s amount?

Try to think about this and then ask yourself what is better - to join/cooperate with KHL or not. Sweden is not Russia which can fund hockey with big loses for decades.

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