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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Comment from Andy Murray, WMU coach. If he would have had some weight to lose, he wouldn't have said the comment he did.
Never intended to mean that he should loose weight.
About body fat, I was replying to the comment saying that he was top-10 in body fat.
It is not the case but does not preclude him to have low body fat.
He certainly did not look fat to me. He is huge, wide but not fat.

He is already 235 or more at 18 years old.
Low body fat means it is muscles and bones. It is going to be tough to go lower.
He could very well end up at 6'6" and 250 lbs in a few years.
Just looking at his shape, he already has a very large torso and has certainly upper body strength (2nd in 4kg medecine ball throw).

Looking at the list of heaviest players you can see a lot are d-men.
If McCarron ends up a top-6, it will be an extra-ordinary asset to have.
Certainly more than three standard deviation from the norm.
In this context, MM is a mystery that will start to give us more answers next season.

Would love to see him park in front of the net with Chara.
At the same time, McCarron and Chara in front of the net reduce your opportunity to shoot in the net without touching them.

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