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Originally Posted by blackwater View Post
i understand what your getting at that style and positioning are big indicators of a goalies play, but what i'm getting at is dubnyk, for all his faults, stopped the vast majority of pucks that came his way. now, what i'm also saying is that i could not care less how those shots were stopped just that they were. dubnyk could do it standing on his head wearing a dress for all i care.

the problem was that dubnyk was forced to make way too many unneccesary saves last season, and that was a product of extremely ineffectual defense in front of him. that is by far a much bigger issue with this team than goaltending. dubnyk played outstanding last season relative to the defense he had playing in front of him, and he should be given every opportunity to repeat that this season with a (hopefully) much better defense in front of him.
I agree with everything that you wrote (to a degree).

My only point of departure is that technique does matter to the degree that it mpacts your ability to also make the *next* save.

You say Dubby was forced to make too many second saves. I agree with that, but would also say his technique (poor rebound control) also contributed to the problem.

He's a good goalie with things to work on. I actually think he has >.920 potential, nut at the moment there are several 915 guys I would take ahead of him.

It's an important stat, but not the be all end all.

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