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Originally Posted by Ol' Jase View Post
I thought you did a great job, man. Hilight reels are always fun, keep them coming.

There's plenty of threads to discuss the merit of Dubnyk's abilities, don't get discouraged by the detractors. Hope there's more spotlights coming. It's a good way to pass the time before the season starts.
Not the way this board works and you know it. Possibly due to the search function being a bit wonky here people discuss merits of the player and good and bad in whatever front page topical thread that features the name of the player.

Or in the case of Gagner its of course necessary to discuss him in every thread..

To suggest its not accepted practice here to discuss everything about player in a players thread is just inaccurate in terms of actual practice.

If I need to be clear and perhaps I should do that the OP obviously has technical skill in making the hilite reels. Not my cup of tea though is the accepted editorial work. The OP uses techniques that seem commonly used. For instance matching hilites to music instead of music to hilites, or just emphasizing the music timing over the hilites. For instance the first minute of the reel is entirely predicated on the musical accompaniment and with the first 50 secs of a Dubnyk hilite reel featuring zero Dubnyk saves. The frames stopping in each case before we see what happens on the play. Again this clearly predicated on the musical selection used.
Then the aforementioned bad Dubnyk play that gets featured multiple times. Just questionable editorial choice in that instance in my view.

Hey I'm too predisposed to analytical sometimes. Especially when it comes to documentary, video, especially, and much of this has zero reflection on player worth. Hilite reels are rarely indicative of player. They are instead often outlier instances of ability and success. For instance I'm sure somebody could compile a Mike Brown goal scoring thread, and somebody already did compile a Ben Eager goal scoring thread, but effectively they end up being fictitious acts that suggest something other than what the player actually is. In honesty I deplore hilite reels for that reason. tbh I was a bit triggered as I dislike skewed interpretations as much as a Michael Moore movie.

My apologies to the OP as I could've approached this with more tact. As we know I can be an ass sometimes. So its fair for me to take responsibility for that and something I'm working on here. I'm only 9% improved at the moment. Work in progress. Buddha, shine a light or something..

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