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07-13-2013, 11:52 AM
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Bit a mixed response to both posts above:
We seem to agree on a lot more things than I initially thought.

It is definitely a factor if you are the right type for the north american world, especially the NHL and AHL world. And I also think that the NHL is the best league in the world, so I think it is kind of a given for every ambituous young player to have the dream of playing in the NHL one day. I imagine that the internet has also had an impact on young players decisions, as it is easyer to judge today if you, in principle, would have the tools to be a good player in north america. 20 years ago one probably didn't really know what kind of player you have to be, to be in the discussion for an NHL spot.

I don't think the NHL waited for Switzerland to become better. But if their aim is really to have the best suiting players in their organization, they probably should observe the Swiss leagues a bit more closely. You can't look for the best if you not even look.
The case Roman Josi: Yes he got drafted in the 2nd round, and nobody can foresee the future, but I bet a lot of teams are asking themselves today WHY didn't we take this guy earlier? Did he make unexpected progress? Or was he simply not observed good enough in the NLA? Roman Josi surely doesn't care. He had the talent and made it to the NHL. But many GMs missed out on a very good player. The Islanders for instance picked 2 times before Nashville's 2nd pick in the 08 draft. I imagine they'd rather have Josi instead of Bailey or Trivino today, even if they picked Hamonic later.

But I also understand that GMs maybe think well, if he's in the NLA he probably wouldn't be useful anyway, because he learned and is suited to another style of hockey than we need on our team. So therefore yes, if a players aim is to be in the NHL, he has to leave for north america early in his career.

But then again, speaking as a fan, it would be sad to see if suddenly all the good talents are in north america and not Switzerland (or at least Europe, for the WC) anymore. I think I would get the feeling that the NLA is only a second rate league even for Swiss players, and all the good Swiss players are in north america. This wasn't the case until a few years ago, or still isn't. It hasn't reached dramatic dimensions yet but the trend is pointing towards more and more young players leaving.

It would be nice if Switzerland manages to become elite at developing players even over 16 years, that would be a possibility to keep talented players in Switzerland. Sweden could be a good example.

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