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07-13-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Lacaar View Post
I've been throwing Paajarvi under the bus since the end of his second year. It's when I decided this guy has no brain. He's fast and big.

His saving grace is that he's very coachable. he can be taught to go the areas where the guys with no head for the offensive game go. He's also going to have to grow a pair of balls to do that.

He took a baby step towards that last year.. not a stride.
He was on pace to more than double his hit totals from his rookie year. I guess that's a baby step but either way it was encouraging. And I'll agree to call Paajarvi a power forward isn't accurate but it pains me to see everyone spewing such venom at the player saying things like "48 hits compared to like 5 by Paajarvi, which were most probably accidental shoulder brushes as he was turning, followed by an apology."

Meanwhile Hall gets lauded for his physical edge. I understand he's more explosive and hit harder but when you look at the numbers MPS throws just as many hits as Hall does.

Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
Posters are simply disproving the asinine assertion that Paajarvj is a big-bodied power forward that the Oilers need more of. No one is all-of-a-sudden throwing him under the bus. Relax.
Nice edit

Sick burn though.

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