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07-13-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by GreatBritishStarsFan View Post
The actual concept of a European League (such as the KHL) does not bother me at all and is only good for the game. However I will provide this stark warning on what could damage the sport.

The biggest problem in my mind with European Football is the no-cap, no responsibility, high rolling Billionaires and Squillionaires buying teams and throwing money at players to sit on the bench upwards of 100,000 a week which is a yearly salary of 36,000,000. You think the NHL players are overpaid...

But anyway, the point is that whilst its great to see all these flourishing leagues the only real "competitive" competition is that of the Champions League. Sure there are 4/5 teams potentially capable of winning the EPL, 2 in the Spanish La Liga, 3 or so in the Bundesliga or 3 or so in the Serie A. But thats almost 80% of each league with absolutely no chance of winning the domestic title because they can not hope to compete with the Russian/Eastern European Oligarchs, US Billionaires or Middle Eastern Royal Families that are literally throwing money at players for fun. I'm not saying more money in the sport is a bad thing per se, but in terms of competition it is literally ruining the sport to a select few. The last EPL champion not in the big 4 or 5 was Blackburn Rovers in the 1990s, and they've since been relegated.

My point is between the NHL & KHL is that one has a salary cap designed for parity (and in fact I believe most NA Leagues have this, along with the draft) which, whilst not always perfect, does give some degree of competition for all the teams involved. Sure it doesn't mean the Avs are going to win the Stanley Cup, but then consider the Kings at the 8th Seed winning the SC. It can and does happen because there is a degree of parity. It never happens in leagues without that cap.

This is where the KHL could potentially ruin the sport. Its all well and good now saying "yeah its a farce over there", but as soon as those billionaires decide "I want big stadium, best players, best organisation" they will throw unlimited amounts of resources at it. Considering the KHL is actively promoting the idea of a players' union the stories of self-bought equipment, threats, plane standards will begin to rise considerably. Suddenly you'll have one league that could afford to pay someone like Crosby Triple the amount he's making in Pittsburgh. Sure he probably wouldn't take it but in the future if you can buy them over young, to a league where standards in player care are rising, facilities that start to become on par with AHL/NHL Standards then legitamately the league is in trouble. Why? Because the cap will do that to them. The problem in my mind is that cap is one of the best things about NA Sports, along with the draft, but will it be able to compete 10/20 years down the line?

Personally, the IIHF has a responsibility here to do something no other international organisation has the balls to do. Set a requirement for every league in the world to have cap not exceeding set dollar amount, perhaps using the NHL as the going rate. This would stop the quite frankly ludicrous contracts the KHL can throw around to youngsters but also benefit their system as well by providing both financial feasability and giving the smaller teams in that league an actual chance to compete. Wether it would stop Russians not coming over is irrelevant, I don't think it matters really, but it would stop the potential for the KHL to simply out bid the NHL, which it may now seem not an issue, but it will do down the line.
I agree more or less, I disagree with bold part.

IIHF has much bigger problems than salary cap. Btw, KHL has salary cap (dont believe rumours about players outside cap, it was reality in KHL, but is not anymore). IIHF has much bigger problems:

1) no development fees in hockey (why should rich clubs from NHL/KHL take best Euros/Americans for free?)

2) no transfer fees if Euros go to NHL (this NHLTPA is not transfer fee nor development fee), NHL does not respect euro contracts of players.

These 2 problems should be solved by IIHF, salary cap can be next thing but not before those I mentioned.

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