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07-13-2013, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Llama19 View Post
Correct... "Lack of sponsorships. suite sales and season ticket holders (including some business buyers) is a major competitive disadvantage for the Coyotes and is contributed to the team’s poor bottom-line."
And ya, cbcwpg as well, its an over-crowded market, highly competitive for a smallish pool of money, hockey ranking well down the chain in having to go head-head with Colangelo's downtown empire, the Cards, D-Backs & Cactus League, the PGA & a number of other sports/events. Your just not going to get full-pop, full-price for suites & sponsorships right out of the box like this, the brand, sport badly damaged. Going to take longer than a half a decade to gain the corporate sectors confidence, graduating prices from rock-bottom to within the ranges of elsewhere around the league. I think the greatest gains as I mentioned will be on the consumer side, Seasons Ticket Sales. Could see that trending upwards fairly quickly however if it doesnt & Global Spectrum doesnt roll up their sleeves & get at it, then Houston, we have a serious serious problem here. If this abomination of a deal does manage to get itself consummated, well, Im afraid the Death Watch is far from over. Unlike a Nashville or Pittsburgh, highly sceptical of this crews motives let alone abilities to turn it around. Now, I dont want them to fail, but honestly, look at what were dealing with here? The facts, the terms & structure of the thing, just everything, does not instil one with any confidence and the corporate sector, their not stupid. Not about to just take these guys on face value understanding that theyve got little to no money of their own in the deal, heavily leveraged. With so many other options why bother? "Call me in 3yrs or so, when youve proven you know what your doing, I'll consider it" a response they'll be hearing a lot of Im afraid.

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