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07-13-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
I agree more or less, I disagree with bold part.

IIHF has much bigger problems than salary cap. Btw, KHL has salary cap (dont believe rumours about players outside cap, it was reality in KHL, but is not anymore). IIHF has much bigger problems:

1) no development fees in hockey (why should rich clubs from NHL/KHL take best Euros/Americans for free?)

2) no transfer fees if Euros go to NHL (this NHLTPA is not transfer fee nor development fee), NHL does not respect euro contracts of players.

These 2 problems should be solved by IIHF, salary cap can be next thing but not before those I mentioned.
1) NHL teams do not have Under-20 sides etc. In fact all they do is acquire the rights to youngsters. This is more of an issue between organisations like the CHL, OHL etc. and other juniour hockey systems. This does not relate to the above argument as much as you may think. The only way I can see this being an issue is for 18/19 year olds coming to the AHL feeder teams but that is not a development fee issue thats a transfer fee issue and as in point 2 respect of contract issue. If you're to have development fees then surely it makes more sense for NHL sides to have European Affiliates, otherwise you'd be throwing money at all sorts of different teams at a "chance" they may become NHL ready which makes no business sense. You may as well roll the transfer/development fee into one.

2) I do agree with this though. Having said that if a player wants to leave they're should be compensation, perhaps twice the salary remaining on their European contract. Having said that I don't believe the KHL for one minute respected the agreement in the Kovalchuk case, but thats a different issue.

Maybe the KHL does have a salary cap, but can any NHL team throw millions at a prospect? No they can't due to ELCs and that's another area where I can see the NHL and other leagues being out bid.

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