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07-13-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by bucks_oil View Post
I agree with everything that you wrote (to a degree).

My only point of departure is that technique does matter to the degree that it mpacts your ability to also make the *next* save.

You say Dubby was forced to make too many second saves. I agree with that, but would also say his technique (poor rebound control) also contributed to the problem.

He's a good goalie with things to work on. I actually think he has >.920 potential, nut at the moment there are several 915 guys I would take ahead of him.

It's an important stat, but not the be all end all.
Fair enough, I do agree that his rebound control needs some work, but I just don't think the oilers should be giving up on dubnyk just yet. He's still relatively young and inexpensive for a starter let's see how he performs with even an average D corps in front of him first. Dubnyk has earned that right in my opinion

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