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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
You should argue with that logic because it's an incomplete picture. While fan support and interest drives some of the other revenue streams, no modern pro sports league can survive off the gate alone. The most successful garner only 40-45% of HRR from the gate receipts and in-arena revenue. If you accept one metric that you need a minimum of $70-80 MM to run an NHL operation, and accept $1-1.5 MM per game as a very good result... you can just barely get to the minimum off gate receipts.

The shared tenancy model helps arena operators certainly (referring to an interview posted in the Seattle thread), who would accept just the ability to cover team operating costs, but a successful franchise in its own right could really push things towards a very desirable investment.

That said, calling out Phoenix fans on HF is beyond absurd. Hard core fans aren't the problem. It's a lack of a greater fan base, and yes, casual fans. Every sport needs them too.
I think we can all agree that the gate here could use some help! If not, hey I'm great with that - more room for me, I can hear the skate blades cutting into the ice, pucks & sticks, the boys communicating etc.!

Hard core fans HF boards or not that don't go to the games are a problem here in the valley. I've railed for years that there are plenty of fans and people here that the game has been good to - they just need to show!

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