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07-13-2013, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Marty FOREVER View Post
my friend is offering to split his pair of Rangers season tickets with me in one of the front rows of section 413. We would do a draft taking turns picking what games we get (20 games each) and go to the opener together and also split the playoffs.

My questions, 1 - are those good seats? 2 - I've never had a season plan before and $2009 seems a little steep, how easy is it to sell the games I'm not going to be going to?
1) Depends on the row. I'm in 413 Row 1. In general, as row number increases the view of the goal the Rangers shoot at twice deteriorates. Because of the rail, most of us in row 1 have to lean forward to see over it. This makes the fans in row 2 shift from left to right to see the goal between the heads of the fans in row 1. I cannot speak for row 3 as I've only sat in roes 1 & 2, not sure if the heads of those in row 2 obstruct the view of those in row 3. Next season is a question mark. They are cutting off the rail and part of the concrete wall and putting glass on top of it. I'm not sure those of us in row 1 will be able to see over the glass no matter how we sit, so if we must look thru glass, we likely will sit back in the seats which will be better for those in rows 2. Row 2 will probably have to look thru the glass at the goal. Row 3, according to virtual view, may be able to look over the glass.

2) I sell about half my tickets and last year I sold them all easily. I use ticketexchange and often post just a few days to a week before the game.

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