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07-13-2013, 01:25 PM
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Kovalchuk's decision to go home was made for many reasons. Most of them are even legit...and several of them are (at least for now) unstated.

I think Sochi is part of it. I think the Devils lack of money is a big part of it. I think the Devils lack of supplemental talent is (small) part of it. I think family is part of it. I don't deny the fact he can make big $$$ in Russia is part of it, too.

Truth is...a lot of players & coaches have left the Devils in the last little while.

Not saying its an epidemic. Maybe just coincidence. Who knows for sure...but..Kovalchuk can't be maligned anymore than any of countless 100's of players who have pulled the pin on teams/leagues (including the Devils) over the years.

It doesn't help matters that the KHL clearly wants to compete with the NHL for the attention of Russian players and the NHL's reaction is: "Well we can live with that. We don't need Russians."

Personally...I wish the Russian players would commit to the NHL for my own selfish reasons.

I understand the personal & financial reasons why this is not happening...but...the NHL calls itself the best league in the world. They should stop pissing around and start taking the KHL more seriously because the NHL is a MUCH less impressive league with only 3% of its player base made of Russians.

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