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Originally Posted by SouthSwe View Post
The next Swedish Superstar yes but I've never heard anyone saying he's gonna be better than Brodin.
Brodin has always been the better player and the bigger talent up until the WJC when Sweden won the gold, that's when Klefa finally took a solid spot in Färjestads roster. It was as if he realised how good he actually is and since then the Klefa/Brodin been about 50/50 regarding who's the bigger talent.

Brodin then had his success with the national team in the WC and yet again were the player with the brightest future of the two, with all kind of praise from coaches and players.

When Bacon left for Minnesota Klefbom stayed in Färjestad for another year, bulking up and getting a bigger role in the defense.
Up until his injury in the 13th game, he was by far Färjestads best player and SEL's best Dman, not only by my opionion but almost all journalist and such.

He probably wud have been even better if he had been able to play the whole season but there is no doubt at all that he still is ready to play NHL hockey this season.

Still I've never heard anyone(players, coaches, fans, journalists) say he's gonna be better than Brodin, they have always been very equal with Brodin always abit ahead due to performance, but at the same time I don't know who u've been talking to.
I have spoken to many people inside the shl and both Brodin and klefa is highly regarded, a couple hold brodin higher but klefa was ahead for the majority of them.

The biggest reason when i add all their opinions is that klefa is likely best suited to the Nhl, he is big and so enormous strong and still a good skater, a leader on and off ice and he has also potentional offensive skills.

Brodin is a great talent, very mobile and great stickhandling always find position on ice. The minus is that he hasnt the right weight around the boards and seems a bit weak. Of course he can gain some weight and get stronger but maybe on the expense of his mobility.

He had a great rookieseason sheltered by Suter, only the time will give us the answers who will be the better one.

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