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07-13-2013, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Baby Punisher View Post
MSG taking over the Coliseum would remind me of when the Federation finally liberated Bajor & forced the Kardasians to abadon their space station that orbited the planet that Startfleet took over & renamed deep space 9.
Terok Nor!!!

I was thinking more along the lines of the HMS Bounty (Klingon Bird of Prey) from Star Trek IV because afterall, the Islanders are pretty much our version of the Klingons and the Coliseum vote that failed was the equivalent of Kronos having an unstable core in Star Trek VI

But back to facts;

Webster Arena to MSG is about 61 miles
Nassau Coliseum to MSG is about 28 miles

So the Coliseum is closer.

I know Long Island has always had many Rangers fans and still does, I just don't know how well a minor league team would do there on a night in and night out basis. Bridgeport to me is a safer move if that's even possible.

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