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07-13-2013, 02:14 PM
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If I were MacT, I would take a risk and sign Peter Mueller to a 1 year 2-way contract, similar to what Blum/Pouliot got. Have him on the 4th line, but bring him up into the top 6 in case of injury. Sure he's injury prone himself, but the dude can play both center and right wing and just gives us lots more flexibility. Plus he has some upside and his skills haven't deteriorated beyond salvation unlike a certain former Dallas Stars captain. Matt Halischuk would also be a nice addition in a similar capacity, although he can't play center and we can really only risk one project.

If the Oilers want to win, we need to get rid of Hemsky. Plain and simple. I'd much rather have a guy like Ryan Jones who puts his all in every shift than this lazy bum who spends half the season sulking about not getting first line minutes, and another one quarter floating about accomplishing nothing. Hopefully we can get a guy like Steve Bernier/David Moss/Patrick Eaves in return, but if I were a GM, I wouldn't even give a 2nd rounder for him.

As bad as Jerred Smithson was for us, David Steckel is a worse player and handing the roster spot to Lander without competition is just a disaster waiting to happen. We also need a backup goalie that isn't you know, a backup goalie. Trade Nick Schultz for honestly who cares. Preferably we can get a nice 3rd liner like Bernier/Moss/Eaves back, but he's just taking up a roster spot atm. Maybe Minnesota wants him back? I hear they're souring on Kyle Brodziak. Certainly would be a better option than Smithson. If Dubnyk is injured and we have to start LaBarbara for any length of time, we're ****ed. A certain Russian goaltender who fears the bear in the forest fits this description to a tee.

Finally, sign the burger king. Not only would he be a big help on the powerplay, because without Paajarvi we just lost another big body to park in front of the net, he's also an excellent even strength possession player and underrated defensively. The effort thing is overblown, Penner isn't some lazy bum who skips practice to eat fuzzy peaches and sour patch kids or something. He is just difficult to motivate to 100%, but he wont flinch even the slightest bit when coming to a teammate's defence. When he gets confident, he's an unstoppable force as seen in the playoffs. He certainly tries a lot harder than Ales Hemsky on the ice at least, and fans seem okay with keeping him in the lineup.

(honestly any combination of the top 6 could work, just switch things up if they get cold)
Penner-Gordon-Moss/Bernier/Eaves (anyone but Hemsky, tbh I'd rather have Liam Reddox/Zack Stortini playing here than Hemsky)

Smid-Schultz (I really want Eakins to give this pairinga go for at least a couple games, Kruger didn't even try it)
Potter (I'd prefer Klefbom get half a season in the AHL to get used to the NA game)

LaBarbara *cough*sign Bryzgalov*cough*

Smyth gets to cheer the team on from his uhh, permanent guest of honor seat in the "fan appreciation box".

Originally Posted by BoldNewLettuce View Post
I think smyth is really only useful in the offensive zone.

Would rather have him in the top six (a la holmstrom) or preferably to retire.

Still, Gordon is not an offensive player and hemsky is not a defensive player. Hence 3 scoring lines, Gordon on 4th, smyth on 2nd.

As it stands were not better off...
Originally Posted by BoldNewLettuce View Post
I think smyth is really only useful in the offensive zone.
Originally Posted by BoldNewLettuce View Post
smyth is useful in the offensive zone.
Did you actually watch a single game last year? No team in the NHL, including the Flames and Predators, is bad enough to need Ryan Smyth in any offensive capacity. This franchise owes Ryan Smyth absolutely nothing, if anything, he owes us for wasting assets/money to bring him back.

We need to become a franchises that has no issue getting rid of former fan favorites/alumni players if it helps the team, ie) every single good team in the NHL. This holds moreso for Ales Hemsky than Ryan Smyth tbh, I don't care that he's the favorite player of a lot of fans, I was part of the age group where he was our best forward too, but the fact is nowadays he hurts the team just by being on it ala Smyth/Horcoff/Belanger/Whitney. I for one am done with his loser mentality/sense of entitlement/lack of effort, his sulking/moping/complaining about no longer being the 1st line RW both on and off the ice make him the exact type of player we need to purge from the organization. If the Oilers want any shot at being competitive, let alone making the playoffs, Ales Hemsky must not be wearing an Oilers jersey on opening night.

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