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Originally Posted by SephF View Post
He was on pace to more than double his hit totals from his rookie year. I guess that's a baby step but either way it was encouraging. And I'll agree to call Paajarvi a power forward isn't accurate but it pains me to see everyone spewing such venom at the player saying things like "48 hits compared to like 5 by Paajarvi, which were most probably accidental shoulder brushes as he was turning, followed by an apology."

Meanwhile Hall gets lauded for his physical edge. I understand he's more explosive and hit harder but when you look at the numbers MPS throws just as many hits as Hall does.

Nice edit

Sick burn though.
You may be having a conversation with someone else about how the hits stat has some bearing but it doesn't hold much water for me.

Especially where MPS is concerned. He's never going be a hitter and that's fine. He needs to learn to go to the tough areas of the game to score his goals. He took a baby step in that direction this year.

I'll admit if MPS figures that out he'll be a solid number 2 forward. I just don't think it's something that's easily taught and accepted.. they're called the hard areas of the ice for a reason.

I will maintain that he'll never be a solid offensive threat maintaining his current game off the rush and on the perimiters. The instincts just aren't there.

Hall, Hopkins, Yakupov even get to those areas because they're way better at anticipating the play and where the open ice will be. MPS has to go there and fight for his space because he can't discern that aspect of the game imo.

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