Thread: Austria: EBEL 2013/14 and future?
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07-13-2013, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Sucrologist View Post
I meant merging of Slovak Extraleague with EBEL, not with Czech Extraleague.
I dont see a reason why should EBEL like/want that. It would be step back for EBEL. Much more sense is to merge czech league and EBEL, but there are "political" problems etc. Yes, these problems can be solved if there is a will/money (the same was with Lev Praha and KHL).

Also, is it true that Czechs changed opinion on Slovan after its joining the KHL?
No. IMO "Slovan joining czech league, then refused and joined KHL" was only a PR move from Slovan, not serious attempt. I dont have evidence. Slovan asked fans during last extraleague season what league should Slovan play. Czech league was above KHL. So Slovan must do this PR move with czech league, when they was refused, Slovan could say their fans - czechs does not want us, our only option is KHL... Comparison with KHL in Finland, KHL tried for 5 yrs to get finnish club, KHL did not give up after 1st or 2nd failure ... Slovan changed its mind with czech league within a week or so. Did Slovan really want to join KHL or it was only a PR? I have an opinion about that.

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