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07-13-2013, 04:15 PM
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Where are you from:
Long Island

How old:

Rangers fan since:
Early 90s. My father isn't from this country, and my mom wasn't a big sports fan growing up. Luckily my older brothers became Rangers fans, and that was the only path I wanted to go down. I think it's kind of cool being a "first-generation" fan of a team. It's something I hope I can pass down to my kids, and start a tradition

First Rangers match you attended:
Oh god. It was anywhere from 1999-2001, a home game against the Red Wings. Rangers lost like 6-0, and by the end of the game everyone was rooting for Detroit

Favorite Ranger:
Even though I never saw him play, love Ron Greschner. Loved guys like Jed Ortmeyer, Sandy McCarthy. Dubinsky was always a favorite of mine as well. Stepan, I was following him even before the Rangers drafted him, so that was really exciting.

Best Ranger moment:
Finally lifting the curse and taking out the Caps in last year's playoffs. Also, when Shanahan fought Brashear at center ice that one game. My favorite post-lockout memory.

Former Rangers you miss:
Korpikoski, Dubinsky, Jagr

Any non-Rangers you like:
I like Tavares. Rick Nash was my favorite player in the NHL, so having him is a blast now. I like Steve Ott, too. Oh! And Jack Campbell.

Any other sports:
NFL - Giants
NBA - Knicks
MLB - None

Team I support the most is obviously the Rangers, followed (after a huge gap) by the G-men, and then the Knicks. ELIte.

How did you find HF Boards:
I actually have no idea. Maybe Google? Maybe someone mentioned it on another board I posted on? I started my hockey message board career on IGN actually maybe someone linked to it there

How do you watch Rangers games:
In my kitchen, with whoever in my family cares to join. Hopefully I get a salaried job sometime soon, and I can pick up a mini-season plan or something. In college (at Buffalo) I watched in my bedroom on Center Ice for two years, and on my computer with a Slingbox for two years.

Cool thread idea! I wanted to post first to get that going, so now I'll double back to read all your fine answers.

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