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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
It seemed to happen at least once a game. He understands he has lost two steps, so he pinches in the offensive zone to cancel breakouts before they happen, because if he's caught flat footed, it's over. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. At least he's intelligent enough to know his deficiencies and try to work around them, I'll give him that.

I also noticed that every time an opposing player dumps the puck in the Habs end, it's Emelin that has to go chase it because they both know Markov will not reach it in time. He can be good at fighting for pucks with his stick, but he'll get outmuscled in the corner and in front of the net.

He did have a good season, offensively. But I found the Habs are rather poor in their own zone, often chasing pucks and looking lost. There's a serious lack of mobility on the backend, and I think it really hurts the team. I would personally go in another direction once his contract is up.
huh... what games were you watching, really...

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